Why it Matters

Oversight and execution of investigations.

Protecting against fraud, theft or other inappropriate activity by foreign entities is critical in today’s legal and regulatory environment, especially for companies doing business in multiple countries.

One of our professionals worked with a public company in the industrial sector to manage a major cross-border compliance investigation. The matter was highly complex, involved several jurisdictions and carried significant potentially material cross-border liabilities.

We were able to assist with oversight and execution of the investigation, including:

  • Preparing to launch the investigation
  • Managing the various internal resources and external providers needed for planning and performing the forensic work in the initial phases
  • Assisting in interactions with regulatory authorities in multiple jurisdictions
  • Helping develop and execute remediation plans
  • Coordinating with external legal firms
  • Advising on board-related governance matters.

The client saved substantial management time and legal costs, while also gaining overall enhanced coordination of a complex challenge, as well as averting at least one error that could have been strategically fatal.