How We Work

Virtual General Counsel.

We work in two ways to give you maximum flexibility and savings.

Virtual General Counsel

For mid-sized companies who would like a legal executive but think they can’t afford one, Avōkka Virtual General Counsel is the answer. We provide you with a highly experienced, dedicated part-time general counsel who understands your business and participates on your senior management team to advise on day-to-day matters, anticipate issues and solve problems. Our Virtual Country Counsel solution also is well-suited to multinationals who would benefit from having a part-time General Counsel on the ground in other jurisdictions to manage legal matters.

Now your other senior executives are free to do what they do best, because we’re there doing for you what we do best.


In-house legal and compliance departments are more stretched than ever. Using external counsel at hourly rates is not cost effective. Hiring more full-time senior legal staff isn’t the answer either. Avōkka Counsel-on-Tap provides you with as-needed access to seasoned legal executives for special situations and projects — complete flexibility to match your business needs.

Our professionals help create real outcomes in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Corporate Governance, Compliance and Regulatory
  • Investigations
  • Managing External Counsel
  • Special Projects